Dear Sir/Madam

The International conference

Reformatio Baltica, Vilnius 2015, 9th – 13th September 

is dedicated to the cultural effects of the Reformation in the metropolises of the Baltic region.

The conference expands the current Reformation remembrance to the northern European Reformations in the Baltic regions of the German Reich, the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth and the Duchy of Prussia, the Baltic states (including the rising Russian metropolis St. Petersburg), and Scandinavia. Wide-ranging, interdisciplinary and international historical analyses are combined with reflections on Reformation theory.

We would like to invite you to participate in the conference! All interested persons are welcome to participate in the conference! The program of the conference, the procedures for participants, and all other important informations can be found on this website.

For further information please contact Ms. Alina Kasponyte (Vilnius University Library):

Prof. Dr. Heinrich Assel

Prof. Dr. Anselm Steiger

Prof. Dr. Axel E. Walter