EXHIBITION OPENING, White Hall, Vilnius University Library

Universiteto str. 3, VilniusVU_bibliotekos_baltoji_salė
Thursday 10, 19:15-20

The White Hall is an integral part of the old Observatory. It was designed and built by the celebrated Lithuanian architect and astronomer, VU professor, T.Žebrauskas. He began the project for an astronomy observatory in the autumn of 1752. Funds for the building were donated by I.Oginski and his daughter E.Oginskaitė-Puzynina, whose particularly generous contribution of 200,000 Polish “auksinas” gained her the title of Observatory patron. A surviving portrait of the benefactress shows her holding the plans for the Observatory. The observatory building was made up of two halls – large and small – three auxiliary quarters, and two towers. The large hall, which came to be called the White Hall, was erected on top of the three-storey north building of the College. A small oval aperture in the middle of the arches permitted astronomical instruments to be raised into the small hall. T.Žebrauskas’ masterpiece was embellished in 1770-1773 by Italian architect K.Spampani. He set an impressive portal with two Doric pilasters into the west wall, and decorated the frieze metopes with four signs of the zodiac: Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn. In the centre of the tympanum is a plaster medallion with a portrait of King Stanislas Augustus. Above the pediment is a symbolic figure of the goddess Diana holding a portrait of benefactress E.Oginskaitė-Puzynina, and Urania with a wreath of stars in her hand. The White Hall was used to house astronomical instruments, to present lectures, and to carry out meridian observations. Now this hall belongs to the Vilnius University Library, and is a reading-room for professors. The hall, decorated with old astronomical instruments and globes, is also a venue for exhibitions.



Thursday 10, 18:45-19:30


TourMeeting point: Vilnius University Library, Universiteto str.3, Vilnius

Vilnius University Library founded in 1570 has been housed in the authentic building up to the present day. Together with all constructions and courtyards of old University they constitute an integral and impressive architectural ensemble in Vilnius old town representing the history of the development of the Lithuanian science and culture.

The Library is famous for its decorous old interiors that may scarcely be found in Vilnius secular buildings. Vilnius University Library is one of the few European libraries that are still working in the same building where it was founded (1570).

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Friday 11, 14:30-17


Vilnius – the city born from the legend of Iron Wolf, famous for unique variety of architectural heritage and European capital of culture in 2009, invites you to take part in a walking tour around the Old Town of Vilnius, which was inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Beginning – from the Daukanto Square

Duration – 2 hours
Number of participants – up to 30

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Vilnius University Library Scholarly Communication and Information Centre
Saulėtekio ave. 5, Vilnius

Friday 11, 17:30-20

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The Church of St. Johns
VU old campus, Universiteto str. 3, Vilnius

Sunday 13, 19:30-21

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